Friday 12th January - Edinburgh

The next unconference focused on higher and further education in the UK will take place on the 12th of January 2024 in Edinburgh. It is an all day event for people who work in and around HE/FE in the UK and want to get together to share their experience, ideas and practice.Tickets are FREE and we welcome anyone to attend who is open to sharing their experience rather than selling products.

Who UKEduCamp is for

You will enjoy UKEduCamp if you work in or around the Higher or Further Education sector in the UK and you want to:

  • share ideas, thoughts, plans and experiences about creating great user experiences in the Education sector

  • find others to provide feedback and support

  • learn from other people who are tackling the same issues

UKEduCamp is FREE to attend.
Contact us if you need financial support to travel to the conference.
You might be in a role where you are:

  • designing and delivering course content or support learning with digital products or technology

  • setting education policy or direction

  • supporting student welfare and health

Whether you design or deliver course content or support learning with digital products or technology.

Perhaps you are setting education policy or direction.

Maybe you support student welfare and health.

We’d love to see you at UKEduCamp if you are open and willing to share your experience with others to make things better and make better things.

How UKEduCamp works

UKEduCamp is an unconference. There are no pre-planned sessions. Instead, everyone turns up with ideas of what they want to talk about or discuss.

Any attendee can run a session, and you go to the sessions that fit your interests.

There’s no set agenda or theme. It’s all about sharing.

Topics we cover at UKEduCamp

You can expect UKEduCamp to cover topics including:

  • delivering digital services for students and researchers

  • co-design techniques

  • embedding user research and UX

  • product design and development

  • agile and lean processes creating diverse and inclusive teams

  • breaking down organisational silos

  • improving culture and new ways of working

Travel to Edinburgh and around the city

Edinburgh’s Waverley train station is in the heart of the city, around 1 mile from the event venue. It has direct routes to and from many cities across the UK.

You can fly direct to Edinburgh from over 150 destinations. Edinburgh International Airport is 6 miles out of the city centre and easily accessible by tram, bus or taxi. We recommend the tram for the easiest, fastest and cheapest option.
Find out more about transport options from the airport to the event: Getting to and from Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Bus station is under 2 miles from the event venue, or roughly a 40-minute walk. It has direct services to and from many towns and cities across the UK. Local buses by Lothian Buses offer a variety of routes within the city.
Find out more about bus travel in Edinburgh: Lothian Buses

Black cabs, private hire and Uber are all available in Edinburgh. A taxi from St Andrew Square Bus Station or Edinburgh Waverley to the event venue will cost around £10 and take 5 to 10 minutes depending on traffic. From the airport, it’s about £25 and takes 25 minutes.

If you are travelling by car, you might like to know that the University of Edinburgh has an discounted rate for the NCP on the Holyrood Campus. More details can be found on the University's visitor parking page.

Get accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh attracts visitors from around the world all year round. However, it’s a small city so accommodation is always in demand.You should definitely book your Edinburgh accommodation as early as possible to maximise getting what you need.While we’re not going to recommend anywhere specifically we can definitely recommend what to look for in your accommodation:

  • the closer your accommodation is to Waverley train station, the more expensive it’s likely to be

  • do think about staying further out, particular hotels and bed and breakfasts that might be close to a tram stop

  • longer stays (for example, a long weekend in Edinburgh) open up accommodation possibilities outside the city - for example, North Berwick, Linlithgow and Dunfermline are each within 30 minutes of Edinburgh by train

Find out more about your accommodation options in Edinburgh from Visit Scotland.

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, but also a small city of around 500,000 that’s easy to navigate on foot and by public transport. Historic and modern architecture reflect the dynamic history and innovation of the city. There’s something for everyone, from theatre, art and music, to hill trails, nature reserves and wildlife. Edinburgh’s cosmopolitan and thriving culture also extends to the range of food and drink on offer, with world-class cuisine and popular chains easy to find.Find out more about getting the most out of your time in Edinburgh:

UKEduCamp principles

UKEduCamp has been founded on a number of core principles that guide how we will design, plan and conduct the event. These are:

  • Inclusive - above all we want to run an event where everybody feels safe to attend and experiment, regardless of your background, job or ability. We will be purposeful in our attempts to be truly inclusive.

  • Honest - we want it to be about having honest and frank conversations.

  • Fun - taking part in an event like this should be fun for participants. We want to provide something different from other forms of learning

  • Open - let’s share our learnings with everyone. From planning, to pre-events, and learnings from the event itself.

  • Growth & learning new things - we want people to experience personal and professional growth by attending. Taking away something tangible.

  • Reflection - We want to encourage more reflection in the public sector, let’s start by helping attendees reflect on their experience.

  • Improving the sector through the people who work in it - we are all about improving the HE/FE sector. We feel we can do that by helping working better together.

  • Test - this should be a safe space for people to try new things and get support in making them better.

  • Collaboration - we are all about helping people connect and collaborate. Whilst it’s a one day event, we want the relationships and collaboration to continue outside the event. Let’s learn from each other.

  • Attendee led - the attendees are the ones that make UKEduCamp truly great. We will set up in a way that allows attendees to take the lead.

  • Community - we want UKEduCamp to create a sense of collaboration, camaraderie and ongoing community, much like UKGovCamp. We want the relationships and collaboration to continue outside the event, let’s learn from each other.

Find out more about our principles in our code of conduct.

Find out about support and sponsorship

Events like UKEduCamp can't take place without the support of organisations who understand the great value in building strong communities of people who want to make the HE/FE sector better.

UKEduCamp 24 in Edinburgh was supported by the wonderful people at:

We continue to enjoy the ongoing support of our previous sponsors:

If you (or your organisation) would like to sponsor future UKEduCamp events, please take a look at our sponsorship packages or get in touch.

Get involved

UKEduCamp is co-ordinated by a group of volunteers who work in the higher education sector.We are very keen to expand the group and to widen its diversity and representation.Get in touch if you can spare some of your time to help out.

UKEduCamp Code of Conduct

Need to report an incident? Contact the UKEduCamp organisers - (the organisers of UKEduCamp) believe that our spaces, both online and physical spaces, should be free from harassment, bullying and hate.We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, neurotype, physical appearance, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic status, language, religion or any other characteristic.Everyone who participates at UKEduCamp has a responsibility to help us create a safe space and must agree to our code of conduct. This includes all attendees, organisers, volunteers and sponsors.Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to):

  • offensive verbal comments

  • deliberate intimidation, bullying, harassment

  • stalking and/or following

  • violence and/or threats of violence

  • unwelcome sexual attention or physical contact

  • sharing content/links to content which is illegal, pornographic or other inappropriate material

  • sustained disruption of talks/sessions

  • other behaviour deemed inappropriate, offensive, threatening or harmful.

  • unsolicited and/or persistent messaging in private channels (e.g. twitter direct messages)

Instigating or encouraging any of the behaviours set out above is also unacceptable.If a participant engages in behaviour that violates this code of conduct, the organisers will take action they deem appropriate, including (but not limited to) removing the participant from UKEduCamp and banning them from future events.Organisers will drop into sessions throughout the event to check for any inappropriate behaviour, and we have asked our volunteers to do the same.Photography and recording
The privacy of all attendees should be respected. Red lanyards are used to indicate that the wearer does not wish their photograph to be taken at all. While photographs can be taken and shared online, photographs that identified people should be avoided where possible.
How to report an incident
If you believe you’re experiencing unacceptable behaviour as outlined above, please contact
Please also tell us if you observe a potentially dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of these guidelines; even if the situation is not happening to you. We are here to help.Thank you

UKEduCamp belongs to everyone. Thank you for helping make this a welcoming, inclusive and friendly event for all. We are grateful to the following organisers for publishing their code of conduct, which we have used to create ours:

Sponsoring UKEduCamp

Sponsorship allows UKEduCamp to run and helps makes our events inclusive, community led and a wonderful experience.
We welcome sponsorship from any organisation that wishes to support the community of people who are working to make the Higher and Further Education sectors better.
We have put together a range of sponsorship packages to allow organisations of any size to show their support.

2:2 - £200
Name/logo on our website, social media call out, name and logo on the slide deck.
2.1 - £500
The above AND 2 guaranteed tickets, a stand and a pitch for your company in the intro
1st - £1000
The above AND becoming the named sponsor of lunch, coffee or drinks after the event
If you want to talk to us about sponsorships option, please fill in this form.